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Union Transfer offers a variety of moving supplies for local, national, and international moves.

Small Box/Book Box/1.5 Cubic Ft.

17 X 12 3/8 X 12 3/8
Best for small, heavy objects
like books, videos and tools.

Medium Box/3.1 Cubic Ft.

18 1/8 X 18 X 16
Great for packing items such as
kitchen utensils, small framed photos,
and small appliances.

Large Box/4.5 Cubic Ft.

18 X 18 X 24
Ideal size for storing things like
pots, pans, and toys.

Extra Large Box/6.1 Cubic Ft.

23 X 23 X 20
For lightweight, bulky items such as
linens, comforters, pillows and towels.

Dish Pack Box/5.1 Cubic Ft.

18 X 18 X 28
This box has a double-thick wall so
it is ideal for glassware, lamp bases,
and anything fragile.

Wardrobe Box

24 X 21 X 46 This box is perfect for clothing on
hangers, drapes, and bedspreads.

Newsprint Paper

25 LBS
Keeps fragile items clean and protected.

Mirror Carton

The perfect box for packing flat fragile
items such as pictures,
mirrors, or glass.